It Looks Like a Duck . . .
. . . so could we all please start calling it a duck?


Or Merry Chrismannawanzika for anyone that’s easily offended. That also includes atheists that still exchange gifts on Christmas day, but don’t believe in God or protest the government recognized holiday. Me, I’m like Ben Stein, as he so eloquently put it several years ago. 

Considering how difficult it is in our culture to keep the meaning of Christmas out in front, I’m going both “lite” and lazy on the political commentary; it’s Christmas Eve after all.  Actually, I’m just going to point to this fabulous piece by Jib Jab.  If you haven’t seen it yet, enjoy:


More on point to the reason we actually celebrate Christmas, below are 2 clips I saw this past week that I thought were just outstanding.  Very, very well done on both counts, and very timely considering content, medium, and perspective.



 Merry Christmas!


I once heard a great observation in Sunday School.  I’m certain it wasn’t this individual’s original thought, but it was certainly the first time I had heard it, and it undoubtedly resonated.  It was in regards to the fact that if you read the Bible, it appears that many of the stories and parables seem to be very similar, and teach the same lessons.  You sometimes almost get this feeling as you’re reading along of, “Ok, I get it. . . how many more illustrations about this are there going to be?”

The observation was that the reason there are repeating themes in the Bible is that as people, we tend to be pretty short-sighted, forgetful, and/or just plain dumb.  Part of the reason we find the Bible repeating itself regarding these parables is the fact that we as humans also tend to repeat ourselves, and not in a good way.  It’s the nature of fallen man, to be sure; we’re all prone to it.  We have to be repeatedly reminded of what we’re supposed to be doing because we repeatedly do the opposite.  Anyone with kids can attest firsthand.

Wait, you saw me do that? Crap. . .

No place is this truer or more straightforward than in politics.  Of course, a strong case can be made that politicians . . . Read More


It’s interesting to see over the years what fascinates kids when it comes to technology.  Take me, for example.  I was born at the very tail end of Carter’s administration (painful to admit, but at least I was there for ALL of Regan, baby!), and certain things that people older than me would shake their head in wonder at would illicit a “meh” response from me.

We DID at least keep this baby in the backyard. . .

For example, my father bought a home PC the year I was born; ergo, I have always known computers – they’ve always just “been there” as far as my memory is concerned.  Same goes for color TV’s, remotes for said TV’s, and cordless phones.  The first thing I really remember making me stop for a moment and go “whoa”, was having a satellite dish.  Not these modern teensy eensy dishes that you could wear as a hat, but the big honkin’ jokers that made you think they were calling in a nuclear strike when you changed channels. 

Since then, there have been countless other things . . . Read More


I’m a firm believer that variety is the spice of life.  In that vein, I’m changing up my normal format a tad with this post.  There have been entirely too many videos in the news the past few days that really gave me pause;  none struck me enough to illicit the feeling that I could squeeze out a worthy full-sized blog post, yet were meaty enough that they deserve acknowledgement.  So instead of having a full-blown meal, think of this as more heavy hors d’oeuvre.  Considering the commentary will be a tad lighter, possibly less verbose and all related to current abbreviated news video, I bring you Reel Rapid Rants.


Mystery Science Theater 3000 it ain't!

I’m not sure if this will be a regular installment of mine, but the idea has some merit.  I personally don’t follow cable news channels (getting cable would be a start, haha), but the beautiful part of the information age is that you can pretty much find anything that was said as long as you don’t mind it being after the fact.  The downside of the sound bite world we live in is that things are often taken out of context; I’ll make my best effort to thread the needle objectivity.

So that being said, . . . Read More